P-Fabric / Art Research On Context

A ‘paradox’ is a powerful stimulus for reflection and creation. Often philosophers find in paradoxes a way to reveal the complexity of reality. Thus, identification of paradoxes based on concepts that at first glance seem simple and reasonable has driven significant advances in science, philosophy and mathematics. The Paradox Fabric event is an opportunity for students of art from across Europe to develop and share their research in a new environment. Displaced from their normal places and spaces of research the selected students are tasked with responding to Granada and their experiences of new communal space exploring their research in a different context. This is the aim of Paradox Fabric. Each participant is required to bring an example of his or her work with them to Granada and during the week of the project develop new work in response to their experiences. At the end of the project the original work and an example from the new work, a companion piece, will be exhibited in a professional space and contribute to an open panel discussion about their research. Paradox Fabric (Art Research on Context) is a parallel event to the Paradox Biennial Conference that aims to engage students in the debate. Initially Paradox Fabric developed as an art biennale, known as Urban Fabric, commenced in Palermo in September 2009 and subsequently in Cork in September 2011. In Granada in September 2013 it will be called Paradox Fabric with a relevant focus on research.